Moving out of the labyrinth

It takes retirement to force me to look closely at work I have done and want to do. I have not written in a blog for a few years. There was a time I used a blog to help me process the work I was doing. 

I have been following the advice of Marie Kondo in "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up." As I looked around at the piles of items: canvas, cloth, pieces I found on the street, half done projects, broken dolls, boxes of drawings and stencils and stacks of paintings.

The work I retired from at the State had forced me to accustom myself to a computer, and familiarize myself on many levels with success and failure. I thought I could use some familiarity to create this site. I have worked my state job and kept my art working alive at the same time. 

Now I look at my painting and art and decide some should stay and much should go. Most of all, I would prefer to see it out, rather than in a basement or facing a wall in a stack. 

The process of tidying up and looking at what it means for me to be retired has led to the work represented here. These are pieces I feel pleased with and happy to say I did. 

This picture of me, by the way, was taken by a friend on the top of Coba and run through the app Moku Hanga which is very versatile and allows me to objectify myself.